Eligible Homeowners Applications

How can I support Christmas in April*Calvert County?

Ways to Help

  1. Pass the word about us to friends and family that you know that need help or would be interested in volunteering to help us out for one day.

  2. Donate Materials or make a monetary donation.
    A copy of both donation form can be downloaded from here.

  3. Post and pass out the homeowner and volunteer flyer which can be downloaded from the right.

  4. Submit A homeowner in need of help.
    The homeowner application can be found here.

  5. Volunteer to help out the day.
    A copy of the volunteer registration can be found here.

  6. Contact Us

Homeowner Flyer

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Volunteer Flyer

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This page was last updated on: 12/23/2017.
For more information contact us:
Christmas in April*Calvert County
P.O. Box 2761
Prince Fredrick, MD 20678
(410) 535-9044