Eligible Homeowners Applications

Type of work done by Christmas in April

List of past work done include...

Built ramp and railing for wheelchair       Replaced carpets
Repaired roof       Remodeled bathrooms to make handicap accessible
Replaced shingles and tar paper       Replaced plywood sheets
Replaced gutters       Replaced deck
Cleaned gutters       Repaired downspout
Replaced flashing on roof       Installed new furnace
Replaced facia board       Installed insulation under house
Replaced windows and doors       Repaired drywall
Installed and repaired locks       Painted rooms inside of house
Repaired window screens       Painted outside of house
Replaced shutters       Cleaned out crawlspace
Removed trash       Removed trees blown down
Replaced bathroom and kitchen floor       Replaced bathroom and kitchen vinyl flooring
Replaced floor joists       Installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors