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2014 Homeowner's Comments

  1. “Christmas in April is amazing people getting together who go around to do things that homeowners cannot afford.”

  2. The volunteers are “like angels in disguise”

  3. The homeowner said the work made her home “look outstanding”.

  4. Accessibility improvements made for a 99 year old widow and her caregiver daughter: refurbished the existing wheelchair ramp. Hand rails replaced. Widened the bathroom door. A sidewalk was fashioned between the end of the wheelchair ramp and the driveway. The daughter said the volunteers “were so nice and happy” and that these improvements have eased her responsibilities as caregiver. “You guys have a wonderful organization.

  5. “The volunteers got a tremendous amount done. They were very knowledgeable and everything fell into place.”

  6. Life made much easier for this couple, both in their eighties. Installed a ramp at the front door. Installed a washer and dryer on the first floor of the home so they no longer have to go down steps to the basement to do the laundry. “Everything went fine and they did a good job.”

  7. Roof was patched – “This home was in terrible shape and we have had some hard rains since then and there are no leaks.”

  8. “It went good. They did a super job. We are tickled to death with it. We appreciate you and love you guys.” The house captain description of the day was “A day filled with generosity, smiles, kindness, and camaraderie by both homeowners and volunteers.”

  9. Replaced eight windows in the living room and bathroom. The homeowner expressed her appreciation by calling Christmas in April “a blessing” and said “it means a whole lot as I live alone on very limited income and have no money left over for extras"

  10. Removed old kitchen cabinets, sink, and faucet and replaced with new ones. Brought existing porch up to code by replacing the rotted stairs and adding guard rails. Homeowner described improvements as “perfect” and said it is now so much easier to get up and down her steps. “I just love it!” Disabled homeowner in her 60s.

  11. “When things improve, that enhances yourself. Especially for a widow who sees things going down. It was really beautiful.” 75 years old.

  12. Replaced rear entry door and broken window pane. All windows were wire brushed, scraped, caulked, and painted. Safety repairs to rotten steel front porch railing and posts by replacing with wood railing and posts.

  13. Report from the house captain: “The biggest item we did today involved a new bathroom electrical receptacle and some new wire. Maybe five bucks in material. The wires were grounded and hot. Might have soon been catastrophic. And…the smoke detector had been removed. I don’t care to guess what might have happened. A new smoke detector was installed. Christmas in April did good on this house!” Also made other repairs. Homeowner: “Amazing people were there. This took a lot of worry of my shoulders.”

  14. Repaired/replaced fascia board and gutters, painted, repaired siding and shutters, new storm door, yard work. Repaired significant dry rot and cracks around commode drain. Homeowner very pleased.

  15. Shutters taken down and siding washed. Window glazing cut out in four windows and caulked. Christmas in April hired a contractor to make roof repairs due to steepness of slope of roof. “It is good, after four years, to not see those tarps up there anymore.”

  16. The living room floor, which was sinking, was reinforced. Old sidewalk, which had been damaged in the earthquake, was removed and a new one put down. Staircase reinforced. “These excellent improvements made a big change, especially in my living room and made the home a lot safer.”

  17. The old deck was removed and a new one installed. Homeowner had not been able to use back door as deck was so unsafe. Roof leaks repaired. Homeowner rates quality of work, as well as the volunteers, at “110%. It went perfect.”

  18. Both the husband and wife, in their 60s, will benefit from the wheelchair ramp constructed from an existing deck. “It works beautifully.” Installed two storm doors and removed a large amount of yard debris. “There is no way we could have afforded this. The volunteers all worked together to get everything done.”

  19. Work on United Way house. “We are truly blessed to have Christmas in April as a partner and all the wonderful volunteers that have worked so selflessly to make the community a great place to live.”

  20. Many improvements made on this house but the one of most importance was the construction of a wheelchair ramp for the 94 year old homeowner. “Instead of taking three people to get our mother in and out of the house, one person can now perform this responsibility alone”.

  21. “Drain fields put in so when it rains, the rain doesn’t sit in the front yard like an ocean.” Major improvements made to the driveway which slopes down to the house. “No one would come down the hill, including the ambulance. In December, they had to carry me out to the ambulance and it was cold and started to rain,” said the disabled homeowner. “It is a big deal!!”

  22. Replaced seventeen windows, creating a more energy efficient home. Other repairs. “They did a wonderful, wonderful job. Everybody who came did a good job and all worked hard.”

  23. Cabinets were falling off the walls. “The kitchen went from a disaster to a fine piece of china.” Subflooring in kitchen repaired. “The guys were very, very nice and very pleasant to be around. When my finances get better, I would like to give back.”

  24. 80 year old homeowner who can now exit her home herself. Front stoop extended into a larger platform and a twenty-two foot ramp built. The several steps it took to get in and out of the house prior to the ramp really made it difficult for her to leave her house. She now has the option to come and go as she pleases. “I love it! I love it!”

  25. Gutters and down spouts installed on front and rear of house. Homeowner thankful and very pleased with the work and said the volunteers were “very respectful”.

  26. “I am very thankful for everything and everything went great.”

  27. New decking, sliding glass door, door repairs, and more. “Thank God for those people. I give them 100%.”

  28. Roofing, gutters and door repairs and more. “My insurance was up in the air and now all if fine with it. God Bless You!”

  29. Steps into the home were repaired. Homeowner feels safer and does not have to back down the steps to open the door anymore.

  30. A new landing and steps were built at the back door. The homeowner had not been able to use this door. Plus more. “I am so happy I don’t know what to do. They did a wonderful, wonderful, job.”

  31. Repaired roof and put up new hand railings on steps. “Everything they did was beautiful and I appreciate it so much.”

  32. Deck improvements. “A couple of boards would throw you for a loop if you did not know where they were. “Everything went fine – fantastic.”
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