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2011 Homeowner's Comments

  1. The house captain told him, anything you need, let me know. What do you say when someone does all of that – thank you doesn’t seem enough. Thank you doesn’t cover it for me. Just overwhelmed with all that was done. It is so much easier using the ramp. The bathroom was in really bad shape – now has an accessible shower and the bathroom was virtually replaced….

  2. It means much to me that people want to help the elderly and needy. I really did cry. Had people from high school to older people here. The whole thing was very professional. I can not explain what it meant.

  3. I could not believe this. The roof was all I expected – I didn’t expect all of the rest. They were fantastic. This has been a blessing to me. I couldn’t win the lottery and be any happier. This shows me that a whole lot of people think like I do – I always said if I can’t do for someone, put me in a six foot hole.

  4. Christmas in April was superb. The volunteers were just wonderful. They talked quite a bit when I was around them. They were very meticulous about what they were doing. One gentleman wanted a picture of just him and me. They were enjoyable people to work with.

  5. The whole group was from Huntingtown. They were the nicest kids – they worked and didn’t play. I was very happy with everything. It went beautiful. Nobody could do a better job than this crew. They would ask “what else can we do?” The only thing I asked for was cleaning out the basement and they looked for more.

  6. The house captain was really good. I loved him. I’m just overwhelmed about the bathroom and how the windows that are in now just brighten the room. There was a young boy who really was excellent. My bathroom means the most – they did a beautiful job! The gentleman who put the windows in went above and beyond.

  7. This meant a great deal to me because I am broke. The volunteers were great! They were kind, courteous and had all of the good traits. He really likes how the door over the access panel is fixed. This really came at the right time as he had gotten a cleanup notice from the trailer park.

  8. The work was awesome! They came in just like family – came in so happy like they enjoyed what they were doing. It was so nice to work with the volunteers. They are thankful because last year when Christmas in April worked on their home and this year were the first times anyone had done anything for them.

  9. Homeowners only asked to replace the shed and volunteers asked what else they could do. We appreciate what was done. For years we have given and guess it is time for us to receive. The ones who did the work did it well and worked very hard. Keep up what you are going. The Lord had a hand in this.

  10. I spoke to the son. He was surprised at what his father got and they are very well satisfied. They didn’t expect as much and everything turned out fine. The work was excellent.

  11. It was a blessing to stop that rain from coming in the house. I enjoyed working with them – they were so friendly. I’ve worked around people all my life but they were really nice people. The daughter says they did a marvelous job on the part of the roof they worked on. Over all experience was “to the highest”.

  12. Her home was worked on early because she needed the heat pump repaired. She had to stay in one room to keep warm but, when the heat pump was repaired, she could enjoy the rest of the house. It made my life for the rest of the season more pleasant. The person who did the work was very nice, courteous, and kind.

  13. The homeowner was really proud of the work that was done and very happy with it. “The new ramp is really beautiful, nice, steady, and strong,” according to the homeowner’s sister. Although this homeowner died several weeks after the Christmas in April workday, she was able to have the opportunity to walk on the ramp and to have easier access in and out of her house for this period of time.

  14. Everything went just wonderful, just wonderful! I don’t have a care when it pours any more. I am so thrilled. Feel free to use my name anytime. Thank them again when you talk to them.

  15. Everything was excellent. I have a cane and it was difficult doing the steps. I now have a ramp. The volunteers were very good and gave me a dinner too.

  16. It means a whole lot to me – there were things to be done and I couldn’t pay for it. The volunteers were almost like family when they left. This is one of the nicest things they could have. The volunteers worked so well together. Water used to pour in the house when it rained.

  17. We have been wanting to do these things for a long time but couldn’t afford it. It really helped us. The volunteers were great. They did a good job, a good job. I appreciate it! The windows are really great.

  18. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. They redid the whole bathroom. It’s a blessing to people like us. I’m grateful every day and say thank you every day. The house really looks beautiful. The volunteers were just nice people. Thank you, thank you.

  19. A grand great group. The house captain and the other guy are two of the nicest people I have met – they have God in them. I know God had a hand in all of it. A blessing for people to come in to do this. The best you give to the world, the best comes back to you. Just wonderful.

  20. Anything they did would have been good. Water was draining toward their house and making the porch sag. Water now drains where it should and the porch is supported. Dirt was filled in the areas where the water had drained and you can’t even tell it now.

  21. Home was worked on early and would have had a lot more damage from the roof leaking if he had to wait. I appreciate everything that was done. They were all good people, nice, and pleasant.

  22. Is keeping his Christmas in April sign up for a month after the work day. I am completely tickled and very appreciative. Some of the volunteers go out of their way to keep in touch. It was pleasing, a nice job. They cleaned up well.

  23. It means a lot to me. It’s nice that people are dedicated like that and able to do it. We have no family in the area to help out. Our grass gets cut only twice a year – this is one time. Excellent work.

  24. They did a really good job. The volunteers were excellent and very polite – they just fit right in. They did an excellent job and it was a good experience. The windows really made a difference. I used to have to stand on a ladder to put plastic up each year.

  25. The house captain did a wonderful job. What they did in the eight hours they were here probably would have taken me a few years to do. Everyone worked so hard. The windows make a world of difference. In the first half hour they were here, I was so amazed at what they had done. The home was looking sad before the windows were done – it is so much brighter.

  26. Christmas in April really makes a difference. They were a big help. The children are outside playing on the swing set every day. The new flooring was really great.

  27. Spoke to his son. My father really appreciated everything they did for him. The people did real good, worked good together, and had a good time. He loves the deck and can get down better now to. The son and his brother helped with the deck.

  28. Oh my Lord, it was 100% excellent. They were hard working people and we loved them. Nothing could have been any better. I was afraid to get in the tub and now have a walk in tub. I especially like the work in the yard and the planting of flowers and shrubs. It was a wonderful, superb job. I was thrilled.

  29. House captain put out 110% and did everything he could to help them. It is really truly Christmas in April to us. We couldn’t afford this. This was a blessing. The new bathroom and accessible shower has taken a lot of worry from the husband as he always worried his wife would fall. The extra insulation will mean he can use the heaters more with less reliance on the wood stove as it is difficult carrying the wood down to the basement.
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