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2010 Homeowner's Comments

They do a beautiful job and I was pleased that they came here again.

A lady came in and asked if there was anything she could do while the men were outside working. That really made me feel good.

I really love Christmas in April. They do wonderful work.

The handicap ramp makes it much easier.

Christmas in April gave me a leg up to where I can finish the rest during the summer.

Christmas in April shows the giving nature of human beings. They replaced the carpet which had mold. My seven year old little boy, who was having seizures, has not had one in the last month. (Not sure if this is related or not.)

My husband is so happy he can now take his wheelchair outside and go out on the patio Ė they really didnít have one before. Itís good to see how happy he is.

Christmas in April truly is touching. I am a prideful type of person and it is hard to accept help but the volunteers made me feel comfortable. They went above and beyond. It really made a difference in our lives and our family life. We are outside together on the new deck most every day now.

Everything they did, they did okay.

I could never afford to pay for anything like that.

I see this as a blessing. I didnít have the money to pay for this.

I thank God for what they did.

Everything was just beautiful. Everyone was so nice. They did such a tremendous job.

It was absolutely fantastic. We are stunned.

Just a nice bunch of people. You donít find people like that now.

They did more than asked for. It made us feel like we were on Extreme Makeover. I felt like I could stand here and cry Ė they were so good to us. It looks like a new house, at least to us.

Everything really shines!

Our electricity has already gone out and it was so much easier to use the covered generator (by the house).

I was floored at what the teenagers did in the yard. They were all pepped up and laughing and talking Ė but not foolishness.
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